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Ideal location for Food Producers, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Wood Products

Jackson County, Ohio offers so many advantages for the Food, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Wood Products industries.

Food: Our 2,500 food industry workers account for three percent of the nation’s frozen-food workforce. Jackson County is home for national leaders such as General Mills and Bellisio Foods.

Manufacturing: Our strategic location at the geographic center of the nation’s automotive, appliance, and aerospace/aircraft corridors is the reason so many manufacturers have chosen Jackson County.

Distribution: The transportation network throughout Jackson County ensures easy access to raw materials and timely shipping of finished products.

Wood Products: Jackson County, Ohio’s location in the Appalachian foothills puts us in the middle of thousands of acres of beautiful, renewable forest land. It’s easy to see why we’ve become a site for cooperages, fine cabinetry, precision milling, furniture, and other wood products.

We have an abundant supply of affordable and reliable utilities. For example, our frozen-food leaders rely upon our water resources to produce more than four million entrees every single day. Onsite substations, redundant feeds and service loops will satisfy your demand for power.