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Jackson County, Ohio has a rich tradition of feeding America and the world. As the home for national leaders such as General Mills and Bellisio Foods, we’re the source for popular brands such as Totino’s, Michelina’s, Boston Market, Chili’s at Home, and Atkins. In fact, our 2,500 food industry workers account for three percent of the nation’s frozen-food workforce. That’s why many boutique food producers have chosen Jackson County in recent years.

Our area’s remarkable connectivity makes it easier to source raw materials and ship finished products everywhere. Rail connections provide a reliable, affordable supply chain for raw materials such as flour, oils, sugars, and tomato paste, while our highway network means your trucks will be on the Interstate network more quickly.

Food producers need an abundance of affordable water, and Jackson County delivers again. Our location atop the Teays Valley aquifer provides access to a virtually limitless supply of fresh water. Local utilities currently have excess available capacity of as much as 2.7 million gallons/day, and our wastewater plants have excess capacity of nearly 1.5 million gallons/day.