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We’re a longtime center for innovative manufacturing

No tax on products sold outside of Ohio

No tax on first $1 million in taxable gross receipts

Jackson County, Ohio occupies a remarkably strategic location at the geographic center of the nation’s automotive, appliance, and aerospace/aircraft corridors, so it’s no wonder that we have a long history of manufacturing the components that keep those industries productive. It’s also why we boast a workforce that’s highly skilled in CNC machining, plasma cutting, welding, and all manners of precision fabrication.

The connections between local companies and manufacturing leaders keep us at the leading edge of manufacturing technology. Area educators keep our workforce sharp with employment-focused programs in CNC machining, welding, robotics, electrical, 3D printing, industrial automation and maintenance, LEAN/Six Sigma, and many others. Even timeless craftsmanship becomes innovative here, such as at the Speyside Bourbon Cooperage, which is marrying Old World barrel-making techniques with 21st century advanced manufacturing technologies.

Another reason so many manufacturers have chosen Jackson County? We have an abundant supply of affordable and reliable utilities. For example, frozen-food leaders such as Bellisio Foods and General Mills rely upon our water resources to produce more than four million entrees every single day.